US Canadian Family Released After Five Years As Hostages In Afghanistan

US-Canadian family released after five years as hostages in Afghanistan
US-Canadian Family Returns to Canada After 5 Years as Captives in Afghanistan
Father of freed Taliban hostage lashes out at her 'unconscionable' Canadian husband for taking her to Afghanistan and slams him for snubbing US military plane ride home
Family held hostage by Taliban freed after 5 years
US-Canadian family rescued: Washington must not put up with Pakistan's pretence of 'co-operation' in hostage releases
Released Canadian hostage says Taliban-linked extremists raped his wife and killed baby daughter
US-Canadian couple still in Pakistan after release from Taliban
'The captors ran like cowards': Canadian hostage recounts the terrifying firefight that led to his family's rescue from the Taliban as they finally arrive home for medical checks
Kidnapped US-Canadian couple, three children freed in Pakistan after nearly five years in captivity
US-Canadian couple, 3 kids, freed after 5 years of captivity by Taliban