North American Family Held Hostage By Taliban Freed

Taliban Hostage Family Freed By Pakistani Troops
Former Taliban hostage says his children are 'improving' following their release and return to Canada after daring shoot-out and rescue by soldiers in Pakistan
Freed Canadian hostage says Taliban-linked kidnappers killed daughter, raped wife
Freed Canadian hostage: 'Taliban killed infant daughter, raped wife'
Hostage freed from Afghanistan says captors raped wife, killed baby daughter
Pakistan International Airlines : Family freed from Taliban captivity leaves for Canada
Freed hostage says Taliban faction murdered his baby, raped wife
'The captors ran like cowards': Canadian hostage recounts the horrifying firefight that led to his family's rescue as they finally arrive home for medical checks
Rescued hostage says Taliban murdered his baby, raped wife
Bowe Bergdahl pleads guilty to desertion after being captured by Taliban