ISIS Recruiter 'White Widow' Believed Dead After US Strike In Syria

ISIS recruiter 'White Widow' believed dead after US strike in Syria
GOOD RIDDANCE: Sally Jones 'DEAD' - White Widow ISIS jihadi 'zapped in Syria drone strike'
Pictured: Last Christmas of White Widow and son Jojo before she took him to be an ISIS jihadi in Syria as boy’s distraught father says he’s ‘f***ing glad she’s dead’
Top British ISIS recruiter 'White Widow' believed to be dead after US strike in Syria
White Widow Sally Jones’ ex-boyfriend says ‘I’m f***ing glad she’s dead’ after ISIS recruiter zapped by US drone strike in Syria
'I'm glad she's dead': White Widow's British ex-boyfriend angered by reports that Sally Jones has been killed in Syria in US drone strike – and that their 12-year-old son may ...
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British jihadi Sally Jones killed by US drone strike fleeing ISIS hell
ISIS’ White Widow Reportedly Killed by US Drone